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Poznań-Ławica Airport - international airport, one of the oldest airports in Poland, located 7km west of the city center, on the route do Berlin and Buk. In terms of the number of passengers as well as in terms of the number of air operations, in 2019 it was the 7th Polish airport.

The airport is located in the western part of the city of Poznań, in the northern part of the Ławica local government housing estate, at Bukowska street, which is the provincial road No. 307.


I have always associated the Old Market Square in Poznań with goats knocking on their heads on the town hall building. It is a place worth seeing at the very beginning of exploring the city.

The mechanism with the goats installed on the town hall is associated with an urban legend.

It is said that after the great fire of Poznań, when the reconstruction of the destroyed town hall was undertaken, city officials organized an exquisite feast on the occasion of this project. One of the cooks, curious about the mechanism of the clock installed on the town hall tower, distracted his attention for a moment from the roast he was preparing and went to the top of the tower.

In the meantime, the dish was burnt, so the concerned cook hastily found two goats in the meadow, which were to be put on the grate. The billy goats, however, fled to the top of the tower and began tapping their heads in front of many onlookers. Their lives were finally saved, and this head-duel became a symbol of Poznań.

Nowadays, the Old Market Square is full of colors, which we mainly owe to colorful, miniature tenement houses.

They were built in the 16th century for less wealthy merchants - the richest ones lived in tenement houses on the frontages of the Market Square. The buildings barely survived the World War II - a comprehensive reconstruction was required.


The stadium is owned by the city of Poznań. It is currently used by the Lech Poznań football club, previously also by Warta Poznań. On September 20, 2010, the official opening of the stadium took place - Sting's concert with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the "Symphonicities" world tour.

In 2012, it was the arena of the European Football Championship, where 3 group stage matches were played.

From June 14, 2013 to June 30, 2018, the stadium was called INEA Stadion, thanks to its sponsor - the local telecommunications operator INEA.



The most modern and largest water sports and recreational complex in Poland, located on the bank of the MaltaLake, in the heart of Poznań. On the area of 6,000 m², there are 18 sports and recreational swimming pools of a total water surface of 5,000 m². 14 rooms on the area of 1,000 m² create the World of Saunas. A professional spa with 17 treatment rooms on the area of 750 m² is the best spa in Poland.

The Termy Maltańskie complex consists of 4 zones:

Sports Swimming Pools
The WaterPark
The World of Saunas
SPA 1306


A trade and art center opened on November 5, 2003, located in the center of Poznań at Półwiejska 42.

The total area is approximately 130,000 m². In Stary Browar there are approximately 210 retail and food outlets. The building was designed on the basis of a post-industrial monument - the former Hugger Brewery

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